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Welcome to the Mabelhood! So you want to add your voice? Starting here is a great spot.

What is the Mabelhood all about?

The Mabelhood is every parent. It’s about the daily struggle. The big emotions. The amazing rewards of being a parent. It’s about love and happiness and levity and laughter. We like to say - if you’ve ever told your child you love them so much on the same day you’ve told them not to clean their ear with a baby carrot, welcome. The Mabelhood is for you. If you’ve ever needed help convincing your kids that kale actually tastes like chips, please join the rest of us. If you’ve ever wanted to discuss ear piercing, summer camps, having big families, having small families, organizing, your mom friends, surviving toddlerhood, getting ready for school – or if you’ve just wanted to laugh, cry (or maybe both) without feeling judged… come on in and take a look around.

What we’re looking for.

We love hearing personal stories from fellow parents. Whether you have an expert opinion on a parenting issue, a fantastic recipe or a story about the stage of life you and your kids are in – we want to hear your personal touch on it. We love tips and crafts and organization and fun. But most of all – we love story-telling. Think about what you would like to read as a parent. Write about that! Write what you know. Just be real and honest and make it relatable.

A few tips:

  • Write in the first person. (It’s natural and conversational – we love that!)
  • Don’t worry about it being too short or too long. (Any length is great – as long as it’s interesting)
  • Try short(er) sentences when you can. (We find it easier to read)
  • Break up the words every now and again if you can. (We love making it visually easy to read. Try headings, numbers, bullets – they help us absorb and stay connected)
  • Provide us with pictures! (High resolution, natural light, close-ups are best)

How to pitch or submit a story:

Send an email to heather.dixon@mabelslabels.com with your article and a clear headline. Be sure to include any pictures or picture ideas you have as well. If you can include a little bit about your personal experience that would be great, too!

Mabelhood pays competitive rates for original content, but not for republished material.


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