Why Are We So Disorganized?

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A client asked me this question yesterday. “Why do you think we are so disorganized?” She meant mothers in general. We all have our moments. We might organize and clean house to the max when we have company over but the rest of the time it just kind of creeps up on us.

When she listed all of the things she is responsible for plus three children it was kind of obvious to me. Once she sat down and listed all of those responsibilities it was obvious to her as well. We fill our planners full everyday but don’t often take a step back to look at the whole picture.

As mothers we take on many rolls. We are parents, some still working, while volunteering our time and keeping up with hobbies we love to do. We tend to pile up projects and some go unfinished. It’s just a matter of time before things get a little chaotic. We have to learn how to juggle our activities and leave time to clean up after them. Just like we tell our children, “If you play with something put it away before you take another toy out!”

The truth is, the last thing we want to do is come home and organize and clean at the end of each day. We are exhausted and overwhelmed. So the stuff piles up. In order to fix this we must leave time for a little clean up after a job is done. Give yourself the chance to unwind so you can focus on the next task at hand. For some of you that might mean changing your priorities and even saying no to some activities.

I find the term stay-at-home mom funny because we are often not at home. Times have changed, that term once rung true. Now we are more like do-it-all moms and that is ok as long as we keep our priorities in order and give ourselves a little clean up time before the next activity!

What do you find is the hardest part about being a do-it-all mom?

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