Who’s With My Kids at Camp?


If you’ve ever sent your kids to camp, or want to in the future, I’m sure you’ve thought about the people who will be with them 24 hours a day. It’s a legitimate question and concern! Who are these people that will wipe away the tears, put a band aid on a cut, and laugh with them until their bellies hurt?

Summer camps has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I went as a child and worked at various camps throughout my adulthood. Camp directors don’t just pluck random names out of a hat and make them counsellors. There’s a rigorous interview process (usually about 3 interviews to get the gig) and training involves at least a week of full-day courses, including water safety, bullying intervention and team building. It’s not an easy job; many counsellors don’t take their job lightly! Take it from me - I know camp and the people who work there.

Camp counsellors aren’t paid much, so they aren’t there for the money. They aren’t there for the free time (there really isn’t much of it!)  And they aren’t there to relax out in the sun – they’re too busy making sure all their campers have enough sunscreen on.

I’ve met thousands of camp counsellors who LOVE what they do! Here’s why:

  • Seeing the happiness on your child’s face after they overcome a fear
  • Watching your little one come out of their shell and make new friends
  • Teaching your child about the great outdoors
  • Teaching your little one to build a camp fire and how to properly roast a marshmallow
  • Singing campfire songs and teaching their campers all the words
  • Getting the opportunity to learn a lot about themselves by seeing and hearing your kiddo’s stories

Camp counsellors are there because they loved camp as a kid and want to make the camp experience the best it can be for future generations.  I have never met a camp counsellor who didn’t love what they do. Want to know why? Because it’s not an easy job – but the memories, enjoyment and fulfillment lasts a lifetime!

We dress up like this in the dead of summer because we want to! We dress up like this in the dead of summer because we want to!


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