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The month of November is filled with many great topics for kids to explore. I am a huge fan of capturing the mood of the month with children’s books and linking themes to great reads.  Here are just a few great books for kids we're reading right now on hockey, bullying awareness, and financial literacy.

The backgrounds and expertise of the authors and illustrators are particularly interesting and can prompt further conversation and dialogue around these special stories.

Hockey Hero

Written by Zachary Hyman, Illustrated by Zachary Pullen

For Ages: 6-9

Theme: Hockey

hockeyheroWith a change in weather and chill in the air it’s time to transition our sports enthusiasm to hockey! For fans of The Bambino and Me, this author/illustrator team delivered their newest book last month, Hockey Hero. Switching sports topics from baseball to hockey, this picture book follows eight-year-old Tommy and his quest to gain self-confidence. He accomplishes this with the help of his grandfather and his love of hockey of course.  The author, Zachary Hyman, is a professional ice hockey player who has taken his passion for the game to the next level. This story will leave readers of all ages cheering!


Dear Bully of Mine

Written by Vicki Fraser, Illustrated by Cody and Sean McGrath

For ages: 8 and up

Theme: Bullying AwarenessDear-Bully-of-Mine_02f1-425x382

Bullying prevention and intervention is a topic that is important all year-round. However, initiatives such as Bullying Awareness Week, taking place this month, ensure this important subject is brought to the forefront. Dear Bully of Mine is one of my favourite books on this topic.  What sets it apart is the author, Vicki Fraser is a school teacher from Quebec who understands these issues firsthand.  She takes a stand against bullying so that students can be excited about going to school. Told through the rhyming narrative of three students experiencing bullying, the story reveals the importance of speaking up and breaking the cycle.

Follow Your Money

Written by Kevin Sylvester and Michael HlinkaCover, Illustrated by Kevin Sylvester

For ages: 9-12

Theme: Financial Literacy

During financial literacy month, what better way to educate students on dollars and cents than with books?  Kevin Sylvester is a known name in children’s literature, famous for his Neil Flambé series. He partnered with CBC business commentator Michael Hlinka to teach students about financial literacy. In Follow Your Money, students are encouraged to do that very thing by exploring: “Who gets it, Who Spends it, Where does it go?”  Financial concepts are broken down with creative illustrations and examples that young people can relate to in a language they will actually understand. Topics range from the true cost of going to the movies to pizza night and the difference between ordering in and making it at home.  Warning: students may ask for a raise in their allowance!


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