Top 5 Ways to Keep a Fundraiser Green

Looking to impress the parents of your school, daycare or specialized group this year? A savvy, green fundraiser is sure to do the trick!

We’ve compiled what we feel are the Top 5 Ways to Keep a Fundraiser Green. Read on!

1. Have a list of the parents’ emails? If so, e-newsletters are a great way to communicate with the parents that doesn’t involve a ton of wasted paper. They’re respectful of the environment and cost efficient!

2. Let the parents know your intensions to make your day-to-day environment more eco-friendly. Everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious these days and will likely jump at the chance to get involved.

3. Putting together an event? Be sure to carpool whenever possible and have recycling bins available for your attendees. You could even invite them via email!

4. Promote your green fundraiser along with Earth Day. Combining the two ideas will raise awareness of the products that help us help the planet.

5. Choose a product to sell that helps your belongings last longer, leading to less waste. I’m talking about the Mabel’s Labels Paperless fundraiser, of course!

Our Paperless fundraiser is an online-based campaign in which participants order from a personalized web address. We provide you with a variety of e-tools to promote the fundraiser and a username and password to monitor your sales. At the end you will receive a cheque for your commission earnings. It’s that easy to earn with Mabel – without paper!

If you have any additional tips, please be sure to share them with us in the comments!

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