To Pee, or Not to Pee?

Child sitting on the potty

That’s been the question on my mind lately. My son just turned 2 and I have no idea when I should start potty training him. Do I wait until he can verbally say “I have to go pee?” Or do I just start putting him on the toilet every morning?

He has started to show interest when my hubs and I are going to the bathroom. He says "pee pee" and "poo poo" and he likes to help me get toilet paper off the roll. Oftentimes, a bit too much of it, but he likes to be a my little helper.

Sometimes when he poops, he'll hide or go into a corner. Whenever I ask him if he’s pooping or if he has gone poo, he says no and has a shameful look. It’s okay buddy, everybody poops.

Lately, he’s been putting up a fuss when it comes time to changing his diaper, but once I get him still, he obeys simple commands like “bum up” and “bum down.”

So, I want to know; when is a good time to introduce the toilet?

Also, what tactics or methods did you use to potty train? My sister-in-law took 3 days off of work and put my nephew on the toilet every 20 minutes. She rewarded with M&M’s after every successful drop in the bucket, and at the end of the 3 days when he woke up dry, he got to pick out a new toy.

I know every kid is different and they learn at different rates, but what advice can you share so I can kiss diapers and wipes goodbye?

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Author: Diane Morris

Diane Morris is a lover of country music, peanut butter, romance and Disney. She’s a Mom of 1, and thinks parenthood is one of the coolest clubs to be a member of. During the day she can be found at Mabel’s Labels as the Sales & Fundraising Coordinator, and in the evening she’s typically playing with cars, Play-doh, dinosaurs or Lego with her son. Diane recently moved to a small town and owns a home with an acre of land where she, her hubby and their kiddo can run around and play.

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