This is What Love Looks Like

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I wake up and walk to my kitchen. The morning is quiet. The house is still.

I move last night’s dirty pots out of the way to make coffee. I silently tell myself that I should have made time to do them. But then I remember that last night, my need for solace and a moment to myself was greater. And that’s okay.

I hear my 3-year old stirring. She leans on the door frame of the kitchen and watches me. Messy hair, pillow creases on her soft cheeks and furrowed brow. She wakes slowly. It takes her time.

I smile at her and notice the toys on the floor by her feet. Discarded and forgotten after yesterday’s games. Left for someone else to pick up. And then I realize something very honest. Very true.

This is what love looks like.

It’s messy and sticky. It’s handprints on the windows and footprints on the hardwood floors.

It’s band-aid wrappers on the bathroom counter. Lunch containers under the table. Marbles behind the couch.

It’s endless scraps of paper with stickers and glitter and coloured shapes adorning it. And the tiniest of toys in every nook and cranny. It’s finding an apple core at the foot of a bed. Or a toy car in my purse.

It’s a huge smile in the morning from one kid. And a grumpy stare from the other.

It's collapsing into bed at the end of the day without brushing teeth.

It's not always pretty. It’s rarely ever spotlessly clean. It’s mostly tidy. And on good days, it’s freshly blow-dried and combed hair before we leave the house. (For both the kids and myself).

This is what love looks like.

And sometimes it’s abundantly happy. Sometimes it’s laced with uncertainty. But mostly, it just is. It has come to live at my house. Settled into the walls. Made a groove in the mattresses on our beds. It laughs alongside me. It feels pride when I do. It nibbles at its fingernails in worry, just as I do.

I feel grateful. I am so lucky. I turn around to take everything in. I stop and look towards my daughter.

“Good morning, love.” I say.


About the Author:

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Heather Dixon is a copywriter at Mabel’s Labels, a smoothie aficionado, a runner and a Mom to three highly advanced little girls (according to her husband and her).

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Author: Heather Dixon

Heather Dixon is a writer, Editor-in-Chief of SavvyMom, a mom to three highly advanced little girls (according to her husband and her), a runner and a lover of wine and beer - which is why she runs. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find her at

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