The PANK Perspective: Santa isn’t so jolly when you’re a kid.

Some children don’t mind the big man in red, while others cringe at the thought of being placed on his knee.

A few years ago when my oldest nephew was 3 years old, he wasn’t impressed with having to sit with Santa and pose for a photo. He didn’t kick or scream, cry or yell; he simply just wasn’t impressed.


Obviously, Cole wasn't excited to see Santa!


For the latter part of that day, we called him Daemon.

The last couple of years he’s been much better. He understands Santa’s role and has mastered the art of grinning wide and saying ‘cheese.’ Now, I’m not sure how his brother who just turned 1 will handle his first greeting of the Supreme Claus. I don’t think he will cry, but getting him to sit still might be tough. Good luck to my SIL on that one.

When I was young, I didn’t like Santa much until I was about 6. My Mom has a picture frame she displays every holiday season of my brother and I over the years. For the first bunch of photos, I’m bawling my eyes out. In fact, there’s one where I’m so beet red in the face from screaming that you’d think it was the end of the world. I don’t know what my problem was with Santa. Maybe it’s because he wears a suit in a colour that is often associated with anger and anxiety? Or maybe it’s because his beard hides his mouth and all you can see are his beady eyes? Or maybe it’s simply the fact that a child is being handed off to a stranger and must pose for a photo? I have no idea, but as I said, I didn’t like the guy for many years. But, I always left him sugar cookies so I made up for the crying. I think.

What do your kids think of the jolly man in red?

Happy Holidays!

About the Author:

Diane Morris is a PANK; Professional Aunt, No Kids and works for Mabel’s Labels as the Sales Coordinator. She’s an Aunt to two boys, and an “Auntie” to her boyfriend’s niece and nephew. She’s a sucker for romance, country music and peanut butter.

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Author: Diane Morris

Diane Morris is a lover of country music, peanut butter, romance and Disney. She’s a Mom of 1, and thinks parenthood is one of the coolest clubs to be a member of. During the day she can be found at Mabel’s Labels as the Sales & Fundraising Coordinator, and in the evening she’s typically playing with cars, Play-doh, dinosaurs or Lego with her son. Diane recently moved to a small town and owns a home with an acre of land where she, her hubby and their kiddo can run around and play.

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