The Loot Bag Combo Makes a Great Christmas Gift

Mabel's Labels Stocking Stuffer labels for kids
Christmas is quickly approaching, yes like 7 weeks away! We are starting to get our gift  shopping done and preparing for the weeks ahead. When I think of gift giving my thoughts keep going back to those children at the orphanage in Haiti that were just in awe over their labels. I think back to times when I have received personalized gifts. When I was a little girl my Grandparents sent me a set of pencils with my name etched on them. My cousins and I spend time every summer at my Grandfather’s house and he has always had towels embroidered with our names on them, and as we got married and had children had towels made for them as well. Later on we spent Christmas there and all of our children’s stockings had their name embroidered on them. It was really something quite simple to do but that little extra effort just made us all feel so special.

The Mabel’s Labels Loot Bag Combo is a great gift at Christmas if you want to go for that personalized touch. The children’s faces just lit up in Haiti, “that’s me!” they would say. Something undeniably belonging to them. This year why don’t you share a personalized gift!

Instead of using a gift tag you can attach a Loot Bag Combo and write who it’s from on the back. If your kids are in sports or Scouts or anything like that it can be expensive getting individual gifts but these are the perfect size and price! Also, great for giving to teachers. Last but not least this little pack of labels is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

Can you think of any other creative ways to give labels?

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