The Best Gifts for Tween Girls

Best Gifts for Tween Girls

Ask anyone who’s ever shopped for a tween girl and they’ll tell you it’s one of the most fiery circles of hell you’re ever likely to encounter. Why? Because tween girls are picky. And by “picky” I mean hell hath no fury like the girl who wanted millennium pink and got pale pink kind of picky.

Fortunately, when it comes to gift-giving, tween girls will tell you EXACTLY what they want, down to brand, colour, size and location of said item. As long as they happen to be speaking to you at that time.

In their defence, tween is a difficult age because it’s a crossroads between teenager and kid. One minute she’s channeling Kardashian-worthy hair, make-up and attitude, and the next she’s asking you to move her giant stuffed bear so you can fall asleep beside her.

If all this makes shopping for a tween girl sound like a nightmare, that’s because it is. But lucky for you we’ve compiled a handy guide for the holiday season. Whether it’s clothes, tech, gift cards or experiences, there’s a gift idea here that’s sure to make her smile. Well, maybe.


Clothes and Accessories:

Like everything, clothes can be a tricky purchase at this age. Some tweens are all about them, others aren’t there yet and still prefer “stuff”. There is no shortage of options but what she likes can be difficult to suss out. As for accessories, they’re a gateway drug to full on fashionista, so consider that fair warning! On-trend retailers popular with tween girls include:


Brandy Melville


Forever 21






Now here’s a trend my middle-aged self could get behind (if it weren’t for the fact that showing up to work dressed as a plush unicorn with a zipper in the bum is generally frowned up.) Onesies are all the rage and there are lots of cute, cuddly and stylish options for the girl who likes to lounge.


Urban Planet / Urban Kids




Body Products:

At this age a lot of girls are starting to get into body care. Great-smelling lotions, sprays, body washes and bath accessories like bubbles and bombs make thoughtful gifts. They’re also a way to encourage regular hygiene if that’s a need. Just sayin’. Favourite specialty shops include:

Bath & Body Works

The Body Shop




Gift cards:

When in doubt, let her choose it herself. Gift cards are my generation’s cheque from Grandma and I’m no longer resisting them because they’re what so many kids want. Gift cards take the guesswork out of gift-giving which is a huge bonus in my books, especially if you’re buying for someone outside your immediate family. If a gift card seems too impersonal spend extra time on the presentation (ribbons and cute bags go a long way!) or pair it with a small accessory or chocolates. As for stores, consider any of the retailers mentioned above or: 







Kids usually want stuff. But if you’ve got the rare one (or parent on behalf of kid) who says “no more stuff please!” here are some under the tree ideas that won’t clutter up her room or end up stuffed in the back of a closet by Valentine’s Day. And if it’s something you can do together, even better!

Canada’s Wonderland Season Pass

Escape Room experience (check your local area for one near you)

Crockadoodle Pottery Painting

Manicure and Pedicure

Movie Passes

Treetop Trekking

Sporting Event Tickets

Theatre Tickets


Tech, Toys and Activities:

And now for the stuff. Because this is such a transitional stage in life, some nine-year olds will be asking for slime kits while others want $300 Beats by Dre headphones. And some (like mine) want both. Your job is to figure out where the kid you’re buying for is at and shop accordingly. On-trend items for Holiday 2018 include:


Yoobi Stationary and School Accessories

Beats by Dre. Headphones

Instax Mini Instant Camera

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

3-month Candy Club Subscription


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