The Best Bedroom Colour for Your Child’s Personality

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When parents first bring their newborns home, the nursery is almost always yellow, blue, or pink. But as these babies outgrow their cribs, they develop into kids with their own personalities and tastes.

And since a kid’s bedroom is their haven from the busy household, it’s important to let them grow with their room—and leaving behind those baby pastels for more big-kid hues is the perfect way.

Here are some exciting ways to incorporate colour into kids’ bedrooms!

Accent with Primary Colours
When children enter preschool and kindergarten, they begin to learn about the colour wheel. Primary colours, including blue, yellow, and red, are introduced as the most basic hues for all other shades. Kids are astounded that mixing red and blue creates purple, so remind them of primary shades every time they wake up. Paint cabinets these colours, using each shade for an entire drawer, for example. Maintain neutral beige or white as the wall colours to allow the primaries to stand out.

Calm Young Minds with Light Blue 

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Cool colours, like this light blue room, encourage a calm feeling. If you have a particularly active or sensitive child, paint all bedroom walls this colour to provide a reprieve from everyday life. Just like adults, children may find the world overwhelming at times. Match the wall's blue hue to accent pieces throughout the space, such as throw pillows or even a bean bag chair. You'll notice your child emerges refreshed each morning with the soothing colour.

Candy Colours Encourage Smiles

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Who didn't play Candyland when they were little? This classic board game uses colours instead of numbers to move players along a delectable candy pathway. If your child loves candy, remind them of the happiness these colours bring to mind with a room mixed with lavender, green, and chocolate brown. The green and purple hues are reminders of sugar-coated candies, while the light brown conjures up thoughts of chocolate bars and syrup. Just choosing the colours could entice your sweet tooth.

Use Red as an Accent Wall
Some children need direction or inspiration when faced with a rainy day indoors. You don't want them staring at a TV or electronic gadget all day long. Use strategic red on one wall to energize the mind. This hue is known to excite people because of its bright and bold tone. Only use it on one wall and add a white board, too. Kids can be inspired by the red colour and apply the excitement to drawings or games right on the whiteboard. Make sure to have a lot of colourful dry erase markers ready to go.

Add a Blue Sky and Green Forest
Who says you can't be imaginative in such a small bedroom? Make your child feel like they're part of nature with a unique outdoor paint job. Paint the entire ceiling a sky blue hue. Add a grassy border to the wall's bottom edge while allowing trees, flowers and other plants to grace the remaining wall space. Your child will think they're camping each night.

When revamping the colour of their walls, invite your kids to help join in the creating process. There’s something soothing about the gliding strokes of a paintbrush or roller that sets a perfect mood for quality bonding between parent and child. What’s more, it gives kids a boost of confidence to learn a new skill, and they’re sure to adore the room after putting in the necessary hard work into creating their own personal masterpiece.


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