Ten '90s Trends That are Back and Bigger Than Ever

If you're anywhere near the same age as me, your nostalgia for the '90s is at a serious all-time high right now. One scroll through Instagram has me feeling like I've stepped back into my school days: Clothes were baggy, eyebrows were tiny, music was grungy, and rom coms were at their peak. 

Everyone knows trends are cyclical, but I definitely didn't expect some of the more questionable fashions of the '90s to come strutting back into popular culture. Well, here they are! So, if you were a 90s tween like I was, read on for a fun trip down memory lane.



The iconic choker is back and bigger than ever (wow, I never thought I'd be saying that). Remember the days of stocking up on these stretchy accessories at Claire's or Ardene as a child? Well, grown adults can now do the same and with a myriad of high-end options, as almost every single retailer is stockpiling them. 


90's names


Forget Nora, Harper, Mason and Liam! Schools and daycares will soon be filled with kids named Sarah, Ashley, Joshua, Amber, Tyler, Brandon and Jessica. Lots of the most popular names from the 1990s have recently jumped back into the top 100 and are only predicted to continue moving on up.



400x400 tracksuits

Some version of the tracksuit has been a staple of pretty much every decade, but they were particularly hot in the 1990s. They graced the music videos of every rap star (think Missy Elliot and Will Smith) and the brand options were endless, whether you wanted Adidas, FUBU, Kappa or Puma. With the recent popularity of the 'athleisure' look, tracksuits are back in a big way. The latest addition to this trend? Pairing them with big, white grandpa sneakers. I know, I don't get it either. 




As a mom, this is one trend revival I'm hoping is here to stay! Let's be honest, my hair is rarely being worn down, let alone styled, so I love that scrunchies don't snag and damage my hair when I'm going on day four of my greasy mom bun (#glamorous). These glorified hair ties have gotten so popular again, there are literally companies who ONLY sell scrunchies and charge upwards of $20 for them!


Party of Five 


Many of us grew up with the Salinger siblings and nearly two decades later, we’re being treated to a Party of Five reboot! This show jump started some famous careers, but ‘90s kids will forever know this cast as Charlie, Bailey, Julia, Claudia and Owen (honorary mention to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, Sarah). Get ready for the reboot by bingeing on the original PO5 on Netflix. Grab some gal pals for a marathon because you’ll be sure to giggle at Bailey’s nickname (Bae), the huge hairstyles and the moment when you realize you’re actually nailing this parenting thing. 


Corduroy and Denim Skirts


These notoriously 90s skirts have snuck their way back into the closets of women everywhere. Admission? I bought a denim skirt this year and am loving it. It's high waisted enough to give me some mommy tummy coverage, it goes with everything and it's long enough that I don't have to worry about inadvertently flashing someone. 


Micro Sunglasses

400x400 small sunnies

My eyes! They burn! I say that not only because this trend STILL looks ridiculous 20 years later, but also because they can't possibly shade ones eyes from the sun. These teeny tiny sunglasses à la Matrix are on the face of every celebrity right now. While they may be a hit with the in-crowd, this is not a look that's very flattering on most face shapes. Mindy Kaling captures my sentiments perfectly with this Tweet.




Patched elbows, patched knees, jacket and backpack patches. Along with the grungy, tattered looks of the 90s came patched-everything. They were the preferred way to make a statement about your personality and they were collected en masse. The look is back, and this time it's appropriate for every age group, whether you're rocking them on sophisticated denim to the office or ironing them onto your kid's backpack.


'Clueless' Style


As if! The outrageous style of Cher and Dionne has a made a huge comeback. The iconic yellow plaid was a big hit on the runway this year and matchy-matchy school girl ensembles are on every influencer. Remember the computer program that helped her choose what to wear? It doesn't seem like such a wild concept now with today's technology, does it? As for the devilishly handsome Paul Rudd? He never went out of style.


Brown Lipstick and Lip Liner

400x400 brown lipstick

Recall those brown, overly-lined lips that were on everyone, from Jennifer Aniston to Gwen Stefani? Thanks to pop culture's obsession with Kylie Jenner's lips and subsequent lipstick line, the look is back. Thankfully, it's a little more subdued this time around and let's hope it stays that way (please, no more pencil-thin eyebrows).


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