Take Inventory Before Shopping

A few weeks ago I shared four simple tips for school supply shopping. Melanie commented with another important tip to add to that list... Take Inventory! And, I totally agree! Once you’ve had kids in school for a few years you have surely stocked up on some extra supplies around the house. I know my daughter brought home barely used crayons last year and we have several pairs of small scissors!

Before we go on a grocery shopping trip, what do we do? Take inventory of the pantry! We make a list and check it twice! If we do a really good job we get out of the store buying only what we really need.

The same can apply for clothes shopping. Take inventory of your closet and decide what key pieces you could use to complete your wardrobe and keep that list with you. That way when you are out shopping you can avoid shopping on an impulse. Don’t go shopping for school clothes without working through those closets first!

Take Inventory, Be Prepared, Save Money!

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