Snow Days

At what age should I expect my child to dress independently for outdoor play?  Even as an adult I find winter wear bulky and awkward.  How can I expect my child to figure it out?

I was chatting with a teacher friend the other day and she said, "Forget chocolates and coffee shop gift cards, the best gift you can give your child's teacher is to teach them to put on their own snow suits!"  Apparently this ranks pretty high when you have twenty 5 year olds to get ready for recess!

-You have to start somewhere.  Before tackling bulky snowsuits, give them something that's easy to master to build up their confidence.  Pyjama pants and track pants are the easiest place to start.  Put on the neck of shirts for them but let them figure out the arms on their own.  (Trying to do the neck independently can create a bit of panic when heads get lost inside.)

-Practice independent dressing when there's a good incentive.  She's more likely to cooperate if she's excited about going out to build a snowman rather than hurrying out for a trip to the grocery store.

Nanny Carrie's Tip: The old flip the coat over the head trick works like a charm.  But for some reason it works best when they see other kids doing it.  Get playdate buddies and pre-school friends to teach them by example.

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