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In 1993 Beanie Babies were all the rage and my mom and I were scooping them up so quick you would think their little stuffed bodies were spun with gold.  The makers of these little bears implemented a marketing ploy so crafty they had people lined up to buy… and one day make a mint.

Well I am not sure about the last part. Fast forward 17 years (oh my has it been that long?) to our last garage sale and my mom decided to pull out the bears and sell them for $1 each.  She thought making $100 bucks would be better than having them take up space. Well hardly any sold!

For 17 years these bears were packed away taking up space until that fateful garage sale day. A few months later I packed about 50 bears into every spare inch of the suitcase I was taking to Haiti. As I met new children there I handed out the bears and saw their faces light up with joy. Which brings me to my point… What do you have in your closets and attics taking up space because they may be worth something one day? Here is a thought… What if the value is worth more by sharing rather than storing? What lessons can you be teaching your family by sharing your excess with those in need?


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