Sew Easy!

Do you have clothes folded in a corner waiting to be mended but you never get around to it? Perhaps you don't have time or maybe you just haven't made it easy enough to get the sewing done. Get those clothes mended now by creating an easy sewing kit!

First you will need a decorative box... something that can sit out and not scream sewing supplies! Then, gather the basic necessities like scissors, needles, common colors of thread and a few patches. Keep a small plastic bag to hold extra buttons and a mint tin is great for storing loose needles.

The one thing that hinders us most when making repairs is not having all the supplies readily available. Keep your “sew easy” box out so the next time you need to mend a hole you can get it done right away. Better yet, make an extra kit for the laundry room so you can make a quick repair as you find it coming out of the laundry!

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