Say WHAT?!

My toddler has picked up a couple of choice phrases at daycare that drive me crazy!  How do I get him to stop saying them?

Whether your little ones have come home from daycare with a phrase you don't especially like, or your older ones have been introduced to more 'colourful' words at school, the time will come when you need to figure out how to get these words out of your house (and preferably before Grandma and Grandpa come to visit!)

With the younger ones, it's best to ignore these little surprise phrases completely.  If they're coming home with things like "I hate...." or "That's stupid," let them know that you don't understand those words and to try again.  Too late? Does your child already know he can get a rise out of you by saying "I'm a bad boy"?  Stop reacting to it and he'll soon get bored.  (If you're embarrassed, you can quietly mutter to the other playgroup moms that he picked up that little gem from the neighbour's 10 year old cousin.)

Nanny Carrie's Tip: With the older kids, make a game of it.  Establish which words are not acceptable and let them patrol each other.  If one child hears another using the forbidden word, he's allowed to choose a chore for his sibling (and of course they'll have fun assigning jobs for Mom and Dad if they break the rules as well!)

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Nanny Carrie always knew she wanted a big family, so she made it her business to borrow everybody else's children until she had her own. You can find her embracing the organized chaos of life with five kids and loving (almost) every minute!

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