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Wow, the gas prices are getting crazy again and just as they are are going up it seems I have more to do. Or maybe I am just much more aware of how I am using that gas now! Spring break is here and yesterday it felt like I was in the car all day with the kids and really I was.

Yesterday was errand day. I try my hardest to save up those little runs  and try to do them in one day, it just so happened that I had all three kids with me. So here is how I made that time a little less insane looking.

- Pack snacks and juice boxes in a cooler just in case. I try not to let the kids know I have these or they will suddenly be dying of thirst or starvation in the beginning of the trip.

- Pack a few activities. A coloring book and a few crayons (not a box of 48 to be spilled everywhere) Bring the electronic gadgets and a few gizmos.

- Fit in a lunch out with a friend or in our case Grandma. It breaks up the day without having to stop at home or eating in the car.

- Be strategic about bathroom breaks. I knew our bank would have the cleanest bathrooms so that was the next stop after the restaurant. My kids never seem to need to go right after eating but like 20 minutes after.

- Drive to the farthest place first and work your way back. The kids will usually do better on a longer drive in the beginning rather than later.

How do you make errand time with kids a little less insane?

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