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My 3.5 year old daughter is REALLY into painting right now. And every piece that she paints is treated like a genuine masterpiece by her dad and I. We like to hang as many of her paintings as we can so we can all admire them until her next round of work comes in, but we always hang them in our playroom. I thought that she might like to have some of her artwork hung in her room where she can be reminded of how proud we are of her work, so I decided to make a quick little art display board just for her room.

IMG_9795I gathered my supplies from Michael's Craft Store. I grabbed a 16X20 linen canvas, three bulldog clips, ribbon and a couple of fun embellishments.

The first thing I did was measure how much of the ribbon I needed to span across the canvas horizontally and then I cut three pieces.

IMG_9796 IMG_9797Then I threaded one piece of ribbon through each one of the clips.

IMG_9800 IMG_9801 IMG_9802Next, I hot-glued one end of a piece of ribbon on the back of the canvas, then wrapped it around the front and glued the other end on the back of the canvas, but a few inches lower so that the ribbon was sitting at a steep angle. I did the same thing, but in the opposite direction, with the second piece of ribbon and then glued the third piece of ribbon straight across.

IMG_9804Once all my ribbons were glued and dried, I hot-glued a pink "A" on the front and wrote "Art by Aislin" in chalk paint and that's it!

IMG_9808You can hang two pieces of art vertically or you can hang one piece of art horizontally.


It's such an easy and fun little project and something you can easily do during nap time (unless you're napping, too, and if you are, I am jealous!).


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