The Perfect Craft for Earth Day

earth-day-necklace-3Are you looking to make a fun Earth Day craft with your kids? We made these Earth Inspired Necklaces and had so much fun playing with clay and painting them. We will wear them on Earth Day, and through-out the year as a reminder to take care of our planet.


- Air Dry Clay

- Rolling Pin

- Parchment Paper

- Rubber stamps and tooth picks

- Small glass or circle cookie cutter

- Paint and paintbrushes

- Ribbon


  1. Start by rolling out some air dry clay with your rolling pin into a flat, patty shape. Use your cookie cutter (or small cup, glass or shot glass) to press out a circle shape.
  1. Use a toothpick to create a small hole near the top of your circle. Use stamps and your toothpick to press and/or draw designs in your clay. Let it dry overnight. Tip: We set ours outside in the sun and it was dry a few hours later when we checked on it.
  1. Paint with blue and green paint like the Earth, adding details if desired in other colors. When dry, tie a long ribbon through the hole to make a necklace.


Happy Earth Day!

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Catherine is an admitted Pinterest addict, Instragram-oholic and freelance writer. She's a proud military wife and mom of a creative daughter (8) and adventurous son (3). She enjoys spending her limited free time reading, photographing beautiful things and drinking coffee. She lives with her husband, kids, and 2 cats in the suburbs of Tucson, Arizona but loves to travel whenever she can! You can follow her on Pinterest and Instagram.

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