Organizing Pots, Pans and Lids, Oh My!

Last week, Carrie commented, “If you had any tips for organizing the pots and pans cupboard so that the lids would stop crashing onto the floor as I take a pot out from the bottom of the stack, I would be forever indebted!” Forever indebted? Wow! OK, so I might not hold Carrie to that, although it sounds pretty good, but I will share a few tips on how you can tackle one of the peskier kitchen dilemmas.

There are a few different ways you can handle this and obviously it depends on the amount of space that you have. Assuming you are storing your pots, pans and lids in a cabinet, here are a few things you can try...

1.Use pull-out drawers to maximize space. We have drawers in our lower cabinets so that we can nest our pots and pans in each other and maximize the whole space available. Oftentimes in cabinets the main problem is having to reach in and fumble around for what it is you are looking for. We use an extra drawer for our lids.
2. Turn lids upside down on the pots and pans and stack by size. Usually your pots and pans will stack quite nice and neat if you simply turn the lid over.
3. Use the cabinet door. Install a lid organizer on the inside of the door to hang your lids on for easy access.
4. Go vertical. If you have enough space in your cabinet, think about storing the lids vertically and stack your pots and pans next to them.

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas, Carrie! If your situation is different, feel free to leave a comment and I can help you find a solution. If all else fails and you have some extra wall space in the kitchen, you can store your pots and pans like Julia Child! Then you will have plenty of cabinet space for the lids!

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