Why Mom Friends Make the Best Travel Friends

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When I was single, I never hesitated to travel alone. I’d visit family out of province, go across the country for work, and even took university courses in Berlin one summer. I loved seeing the world, and I loved the freedom of traveling by myself with no one else to worry about. If I wanted to sleep in and waste the morning, I did. If I wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise over a castle, I did. I ate where and when I wanted to, went into every museum and shop that caught my eye, and never worried about inconveniencing someone else with my whims. It was glorious.

Later, I got married, and was relieved to discover that my husband and I travel well together. We have similar interests, are used to each other’s habits and quirks, and don’t mind sleeping jammed together in a tiny bed (when you live in the city, you’re used to small spaces). It worked.

And then, I had kids and most of the travel stopped. Or rather, vacations stopped and “trips” became a thing – I wrote about that in another post. But as the kids got older, I yearned for a type of travel I’d never actually experienced: the girls weekend, where you escape the chaos of your life for two full days of responsibility-free, lady-filled bliss.

When I became a mother, I received an introduction to female friendship like I’d never known, and I loved it. It was like finding my tribe overnight. Tossed into the madness of parenthood, I found instant solidarity with the other moms on the playground…we all just connected. You could show up in yoga pants and dirty hair and not be judged. If you did have time to shower and put on makeup, someone would notice and throw you a compliment. If you showed up late because your kids were melting down all morning and you NEEDED coffee, everyone understood. Mom friends support you, let you brag or vent about your offspring, share in your wins and fails, and get genuinely excited when your kids finally start sleeping well or are potty-trained. Shared snacks and babysitting trade-offs are a must, and if you’re lucky, hand-me-downs are a thing. Mom friends are awesome, when you’re with the right people.

So you’ve got your mom tribe and it’s awesome, but guess what? Mothering is hard as hell and you all need a break. That’s when you book a girls weekend and it dawns on you: mom friends are the BEST traveling companions. Here’s why:

They pack EVERYTHING, because moms.

Forget your conditioner, tweezers or phone charger? Need some gum, an umbrella, a Band-Aid, a tampon, a Tide Pen or a snack? These ladies have been packing diaper bags for years, so don’t worry – someone has what you need.

They are all as excited to get away as you are.

OMG, guys, we’re going away as adults. Does anyone even care where we’re headed or what we’re going to do? Nope. It’s going to be awesome.

…but they get it when you miss your kids and need to call home at bedtime.

Hey, your kids are absolutely crazy, but you love them! Everyone understands that you need to call home and hear their little voices before bed. They’ll probably wine and/or yell at you - which will make you even more grateful for your girls weekend – but your heart will still yearn for those bedtime snuggles, and they get it.

You can have all the adult conversation your hearts dream of.

Get ready for uninterrupted talks about your family, your husbands, your struggles and dreams, your careers, your weird post-baby body issues, mom guilt, and how much you needed this time to relax and recharge.

They’re going to want to party.

Let’s all put on nice clothes, do our hair and makeup, have a leisurely dinner that doesn’t involve plastic plates and drink ALL THE DRINKS because we are 100% not being woken up by a toddler at 5am. Is there dancing or karaoke nearby? Your mom friends will find out.

But then they will all want to sleep in, take long showers and have a relaxed breakfast.

It’s heavenly. Don’t worry, you can nap or read a magazine while you wait your turn for the hotel bathroom.

A weekend away with your spouse may be romantic, but a weekend with your mom friends is therapy. At the end of the weekend, you’ll be glad to get back home and wrap your arms around your family – but trust me, you’ll be planning your next trip before your keys hit the door.


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