Mom Advice: Rush, Rush, Rush

I've been approaching this column as if others were the ones with "Mom Advice" questions for me.  But frankly, I am the one who has been needing advice lately.  Here's where my head has been...

I find it ironic that this month's quote on our family calendar is:

Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished. ~ Lao Tzu

That's because everything about October screams "rush" for our family.  School is in full swing, the marching band is juggling football halftimes with festival competitions, Fall soccer is going strong, band and choir are preparing for their first concerts.  Then there's still Scouts, youth group, student council, honor society, and district honors choir to "fit in."  Excuse me while I go take a nap (or pass out, whichever comes first).

Would it be possible for our family to accomplish everything without feeling rushed?  What does Nature know that we don't?

First of all, Nature is quite efficient; energy is primarily focused on filling the measure of a given organism's creation.  One flower is not concerned with being prettier than another or taller than another or producing more pollen than another.  It's merely concerned with extracting enough material from it's environment to grow into the best, strongest flower it can be.

Secondly, Nature is adept at filling its reserves.  Bears hibernate, squirrels gather nuts, birds fly south for the winter.  Nature sure knows how to use its "down time."

Maybe what our family can learn from Nature is to re-evaluate our activities.  Is everything we are doing leading to greater growth?  Or are we just trying to keep up with everyone else?  Are we taking those "in-between" moments - whether they be in the car or on the sidelines or during a hurried dinner at the table - and are we using them to re-connect and fill our reserves?

Another great quote gives me insight into our family's rush, rush, rush:

There is more to life than increasing its speed. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Yes, yes there is.

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