Mom Advice: Get Out of Your Way

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It's that time of year when we hear many variations of the same question:  is this the year I'll finally keep my resolutions?  Whether you make resolutions at New Years or keep a life-long bucket list or just like to daydream about the "what ifs" and "somedays," there's one thing that you absolutely must do if you are going to succeed at anything:

Get out of your own way.

We humans are notoriously adept at self-sabotage, and perhaps mothers even more so, since we tend to take for granted all our strengths and capabilities.  We think things like:  I'd love to serve in my community, but I'm not sure I have any skills that would be useful.  Or:  I want to go back to school, but I'm not sure if I could keep up. Or even:  That would be my dream job, but I'm sure they have more qualified applicants.

We see goals we would like to achieve or dreams we would like to fulfill, and then almost immediately start imagining what might bring us just short of success.  Some concerns may be practical and valid, but more often than not we allow our fears and insecurities to speak for us.

Last week on my blog, I posted a video called "My Thoughts on Being a Fat Woman at the Gym."  In it I talked about holding my head high while working out at the gym, despite the fact that I'm quite heavy and not able to do all the physical things other gym members can.  The video struck a chord with a number of women who have either conquered those fears themselves, or had let themselves be controlled by them.  From all the messages, comments, and emails I received around that video, one resounding message was clear:  NO MORE.  These women were not going to let their fears and insecurities keep them from making positive life changes and reaching personal goals.

If you have personal goals, no matter what they are, you have to take a stand and refuse to let your fears keep you from being successful.  You have to abandon your worries about what others will think, how you will look, or even how things might turn out, and simply go forward.  Get out of your own way, and you might be amazed at how far you can go.

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