Meet Stacey Nerdin, Our New Resident Blogger!

Most mornings start with me on the computer, in my jammies,  sitting at a very sticky dining room table with an empty cup of milk to my left and a half-eaten banana to my right. Those are the usual leftovers from my toddler's morning routine, which also includes requesting six different movies in the space of five minutes and repeatedly tackling the puppy in the same amount of time. My breakfast break will come later, after the writing, dishes, cleaning, dressing, playing, soothing, and re-cleaning are done. Which is usually right about lunchtime.

Welcome to my home, and to my life! My name is Stacey Nerdin, and as the winner of the Mabel's Labels BlogHer '10 Contest, I will have the great pleasure of sharing my thoughts, sometimes hectic life, and lessons learned with readers here at The Mabelhood for the next 12 months. That in addition to being able to attend BlogHer with the Mabel's crew in NYC this weekend! I'll be sure to come back next week and tell you of the fun we've had (and oh yeah, the things we've learned).

I'm currently a stay-at-home mom of five:  three daughters (16, 13, 12) and two sons (9 and not-quite-3). My husband and I began our family in Oregon, but are now living in the Houston metro  area because of an awesome job opportunity and the foolish thought that we'd get used to the humidity. I've been blogging for nearly five years and enjoy every aspect of it - the writing, the connecting, the meeting, the growing, the learning - all of it! My blog is called Tree, Root, and Twig, where I write about family, faith, learning, and life; my philosophy is that "everything's connected."

I look forward to sharing an enlightening year with you here at The Mabelhood!

Keep an eye out for more posts from Stacey here at the mabelhood, happening weekly!

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