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There is nothing more welcoming than a decorated porch, don't you think? When I'm driving around a neighborhood and I see a porch with a cute bench or some potted flowers or a "Welcome" sign, it makes me want to go right in and have a cup of coffee and a chat.

I have always wanted a little something that I could put out on my porch in the fall that would give my otherwise boring porch a little spunk. Something that would make a passerby say, "Oooh! That's a welcoming home!" So I decided to make a cute and easy "Harvest" sign that is just perfect for a Thanksgiving porch! BUT WAIT, THERE'S's double sided and the other side is perfect for a Christmas porch! WOOHOO!


What You'll Need:

  • 6' board (mine is 10" wide)
  • Large letters printed on card stock or paper
  • Sharpie paint pen
  • Acrylic paint in black
  • Paint brushes
  • Painter's tape
  • Red and white spray paint
  • Early American wood stain


What To Do:

First, stain one side of your board with Early American stain. It's a nice warm stain that's not too dark. You can choose any stain color, but this is the one I used.


After your stain dries, flip the board over and spray the other side white. Give it a good two or three coats. Let dry.


After your spray paint dries, use your painter's tape to mark out stripes on the white side of your board. The easiest way to make even stripes is by using a length of painters tape as a "template" and placing it right up against the stripe of tape before it. Here's how:

First, I put a piece of tape in the corner at an angle.


Then take a length of tape to use as the "template" and put it up against the corner piece.


Then put a third length of tape up against your "template" piece of tape.


After you place one length of tape down, you just keep moving your "template" tape down the board until you've created even stripes all the way down.


Once you have all your stripes of tape down, spray the board with red spray paint. Two or three coats should do it. Let dry.


After your paint has dried, remove your painter's tape. You now have a candy cane stripe side of your board!


While your paint is drying you should cut out the letters for the words you'll paint on the board. I chose the word "HARVEST" for my stained side and the word "JOY" for my candy cane side. You can use words like "WELCOME," "JINGLE," "MERRY," etc. Whatever floats your boat.


Now that you have your letters cut out, place your letter templates down on the stained side of your board and once you have them spaced to your liking, secure them with a bit of painters tape just to make sure they don't move. Now use a pencil to trace the letters onto the board.


Now, using your black Sharpie paint pen, carefully outline your letters. I do this because I am not very good at painting letters with sharp lines. My hand just isn't that steady. Outlining with a sharpie makes it easier for me to "color in the lines" when I fill in with paint.


After you have all your letters outlines, go back to the beginning and, using black acrylic paint, fill in your letters with a paint brush. Let dry. Once your stained side is dry, flip it over and repeat the process on the candy cane side. Trace, outline, paint, let dry.


Almost done! After all your paint is dry, add whatever embellishments you like to your sign. I topped my "HARVEST" side with a burlap bow and I hung a small wreath from the "JOY" side.

Finally, place your sign out on your porch, add some pumpkin and mums (or some Christmas decor) and you're done! Isn't it cute? I just love the way it turned out and I especially love that I can use it through two whole seasons!


How are some other ways you create a welcoming fall or Christmas porch?



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