Mabel's Labels Book List: Must-Reads for Mamas

Here at Mabel's Labels, we know the importance of a good book. And, because so many of us are parents, we also know the importance of relaxing "mom time".

So, with lazy summer days on our minds, we asked our staff to each reveal their favourite book and tell us why other moms would love it, too.

Put the kids to bed, pour that glass of wine and get cozy in your favourite armchair. We've got a few things for you to add to your summer must-read list!


The Nightingale
Kristin Hannah

 "The Nightingale is a story about how tough women are, the things they’ll overcome to protect their children and the lengths they’ll go to for other mothers and their kids.  It’s heartbreaking and incredibly vivid. I love a lot of books, but this one made me take a break from reading for a while. I’m was afraid every other book would be disappointing. Dramatic? That’s me."

-Tricia Mumby, Co-Founder and General Manager


Bad Weather

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather: A Scandinavian Mom's Secrets for Raising
Healthy, Resilient, and Confident Kids
Linda Akeson McGurk

 "I loved this book, it’s a great reminder of the benefits of the outdoors has on our kids. Letting them explore and get dirty does more for their development than any indoor activity parents (or screens) can provide. It also serves as a great reminder that the North American way of parenting isn’t the only way, and that it's okay to resist the local norm, even if you look like the crazy parent on the block sending their kid out into the rain."

-Jennifer White, SEM Assistant


come away

Come Away With Me
Karma Brown

"I’m a fan of Karma Brown and got hooked on her books after reading her debut novel, Come Away With Me. Her second book, The Choices We Make, was just as enjoyable. I couldn’t put either of them down!"

-Diane Morris, Fundraising & Sales Coordinator 



I Am So the Boss of You 
Kathy Buckworth

"Kathy is funny, practical and a busy mom herself – and she talks about giving your family the business! Although tongue-in-cheek, I also believe I’m the boss of my family and can’t have the inmates running the prison. This book speaks to me and makes me laugh all the way through!"

-Julie Cole, Co-Founder & Senior Director of Public Relations


cat's eye

Cat's Eye
Margaret Atwood

"My recent obsession with the resurgence of Handmaid's Tale reminded me of my favourite childhood novel. This was the first book that really impacted me as a young girl and I think any woman or mother would relate to this haunting and honest narrative about youth, bullying, friendship and betrayal."

-Eryn Chesney, Copywriter & Content Manager


me before you

 Me Before You: A Novel
Jojo Moyes

"This is a classic must-read all about love, loyalty and fate. 
Warning: I suggest reading this with a box of tissues close by!"

-Karma Bryan-Ingle, Director of Sales and Marketing


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