Mabelhood Melissa's Desk Makeover

I had a wonderful time this past weekend in Canada with my Mabelhood friends!  Before Blissdom Canada had it's big kick off party I went to Mabel's HQ for a little organizing mission.

The task I was given was to organize Melissa Blais' desk.

Let me just start off by saying Melissa is the Marketing creative type. When Mabel's sent me a picture of her desk I could tell right away she needed more storage, so I had them pick up a drawer unit she could slide under the desk.  There is not a lot of storage space on top of her desk. There is an overhead compartment for storage but not very practical for every day use because Melissa would have to stand up to get what she needs. I for one prefer everything within reach!

Once I opened her desk drawers I could tell that "out of sight" for her means "out of mind". There were items that were forgotten among the drawer abyss. I could easily categorize these items into Promotional Materials, Gift Certificates, Packaging (do dad's to make things look pretty) and Samples. Using her current drawers and the new unit I made one drawer for each category which allowed her an extra for office supplies and personal belongings!

Now when Melissa is trying to send out samples or a promotion she has things within arms reach to get a package together. Her desktop is all clear of items she no longer needed and can spread out to work…. and of course she will put everything back when she is done!

I gave Melissa some homework as well - Labels! Mabel's Spice Labels will be perfect for labeling her drawers!

Picture of Mabels Labels

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