Mabelhood Contributor Welcomes Sixth, Seventh AND Eighth children!

Pregnant with triplets

Carrie two weeks before delivering the trio. She said it felt like they were having a frat party in there!

At Mabel’s Labels, there is nothing we like more than happy baby news. So, you can imagine the excitement when long-time friend and Mabelhood contributor gave birth to TRIPLETS!

Carrie joined me on the Mabel Mom Cave a few weeks ago to discuss her pregnancy. Since Carrie already has FIVE children and was welcoming THREE baby boys (yep, she’s got EIGHT now!), she was very happy to hear baby name suggestions from all our viewers.

And you know at Mabel's Labels we see ALL of your kids' names come through our printers. Baby names are our game! (Check out our predictions for top baby names in 2020 here.)

The boys made a slightly earlier arrival than planned, but each was a decent weight and are doing extremely well. 


Meet Sebastian, Jude and Levi! They join siblings Dylan, Caris, Phillipa, Eleanor (Nella) and Finnian. They will need everything labeled soon enough!

Join us in congratulating Carrie, Jeff and all the big siblings. I think a reality show is in order.

If you had triplets, what would you name them? Let us know! 

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