Labels For Stuff Kids Lose in Haiti

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So good to be back from Haiti but I miss it dearly already! The kids I visited were just adorable as you can see! As you know from last week I took Loot Bag Combo labels to the kids at an orphanage that we were involved with. Right now they have 14 children and I am glad to report they all have their names on their bed. And they had them on their shirts and foreheads and well, all over. Their sweet faces lit up when they saw their names in print.

Stephen, the orphanage “dad” said the labels were great, because they are trying to teach the children ownership and how to take care of their possessions. He wants to give them each a box for their stuff and the labels of course will come in handy. In larger orphanages you will see children clinging onto toys they are given for dear life. They barely play with them because if you drop it, one of the other 80 kids could swoop in and take it. Everything is communal and they don’t really “own” anything, It is too hard to keep track of.

These children were so thankful for their gifts and I brought them another surprise. I made tutus for the girls and capes for the boys. There were tons of smiles all around! A big thank you to Mabel’s Labels for your support all the years I have been blogging with you and we are certainly going places! To Haiti and beyond!

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