Kid's Craft: DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms for the Superbowl


The Super Bowl is only a few days away and my family is getting ready to cheer on the teams! We're a divided house over here, so it's going to be an exciting game for the whole family.

I got the kids involved and made some tissue paper cheer pom poms for us to use during the game. You might already have these supplies on hand which makes this even better. The kids will love creating these and of course they'll love shaking their pom poms when their team scores or WINS!



- Tissue paper in team colors (We used red and black for the Falcons and blue and silver for the Patriots)

- Scissors

- Washi tape


  1. Lay 4-6 pieces of tissue paper together in alternating team colors. (Blue and silver = go Pats!) For these I used 2 silver pieces of tissue paper and 2 blue pieces of tissue paper. You can use 3 of each color too for an even fuller pom pom.pom-poms-step-1
  1. Fold your tissue paper in half "hot dog style".pom-poms-step-2
  1. Cut a fringe from the open side. Stop when you get about 2 inches from the fold, this will be your handle. Make a fringe all the way down your tissue paper.pom-poms-step-3
  2. Cut it in half to make a set of pom poms. I cut mine in half when I got to the half way point making my fringe.pom-poms-step-4
  3. Roll your fringed tissue paper up so that the folded side becomes a handle and your fringe becomes your pom pom.pom-poms-step-5
  4. Use the washi tape and wrap it around your handle to hold it all together and make it sturdier.tissue-paper-pom-poms


Voila! Now you have a fun team pom pom to cheer your team on with!

Who are you going to be cheering for at the Super Bowl?

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