Is Your Child Getting Too Much Technology?

Camp season is upon us & to help you help your kiddos get ready, we’ve lined up some guest posts by LeAnne from Inter-Varsity Camps! Enjoy & post any questions you have for LeAnne in the comments! 

As a mom of 2 boys, I talk to lots of other parents these days.  And without exception, the common concern is the amount of technology their child is exposed to – that, and a growing unwillingness to be separated from technology.  This seems to be especially true for parents whose children have a cell or smart phone.

How much technology is too much?  How much screen time is appropriate at what age?  Should we be concerned about how pervasive technology is becoming?  Or should we fully embrace it, no holds barred?

I’m no expert on this but I did hear an expert speak recently on the way significant amounts of technology stimulation (TV, computers, gaming, phones, iPads) result in a higher baseline of “needed” stimulation.  I see it in my own kids who, though still young, feed on the stimulation they get through screen time – multiple frame changes, lots of changing images and instant gratification – and they seem ever hungry for more.

In this context I’m becoming more intentional about the activities - both ordinary and extra-curricular – that I steer my kids towards.  They’re spending too much time on their butts, and not getting enough physical activity or face-to-face time with real people.  For this reason, I’m particularly excited about the two weeks my sons will spend at Pioneer Camp this summer.  No computer, iPad or Wii.  Instead, lots of good fun, outside activities, new friendships, amazing, caring leaders, all in a safe, healthy environment.

Want to give your child a technology-free week?  How about a place where caring young adults spend time playing with them, talking with them, running, playing sports, singing, laughing with them, teaching them skills and fostering their holistic development, with no access to screen time or technology.  A place where social interaction isn’t navigated through texting or Facebook.  Where the focus is fun, faith, activity, skills and relationship!

Interested?  Go to where you will get a 20% off coupon for Pioneer Camp if you’re a first time camper just for entering our summer getaway contest.

Pat yourself on the back for giving your kids a technology-free week of fun.  And celebrate them not sitting on their butts much for a whole week!

About the Author:

LeAnne is married and is the proud mom of 2 boys, aged 6 and 8.  Both boys are quickly becoming veteran campers as LeAnne works as VP Camping for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.  In this role she is responsible for leading the work of 9 Christian camps across Canada – 4Pioneer Camps and 5 Circle Square Ranches.  When she’s not working, LeAnne loves hanging out with her husband and her boys, bike riding, playing Wii, and making music together.

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