I'm So Pregnant - Update #5

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Ahhhh, the second trimester: the dream trimester that gives you a break and lets you at least enjoy pregnancy for a period of time. I've been feeling great and have all my usual energy. This is key right now, as the toddler monster who sleeps down the hall from me has suddenly gone from sleeping through the night consistently to screaming out "MOMMY!" at the top of her lungs in the night until I will come to her. When I finally drag myself up to check on her and ask her what's wrong, she says things like: "I want a snack" or "Can you wash my soother?" or my personal favourite, "I'm sad because it's raining outside!".

Thankfully, it's nothing a big cup of coffee can't fix in the morning.

Dear Lord, do people with multiple children EVER sleep? I'm scared.


Weeks Along: 23.

Current Symptoms: I'm feeling pretty darn good! Starting to have trouble finding comfortable sleeping positions with my bigger belly, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty great! I'll enjoy it while it lasts, because I know I'll be complaining once I'm getting closer to the end of the pregnancy.

Emotional Status: Happy! I've really started to feel the nesting temptation, so I've been relatively productive around the house these last few weeks!

Cravings: Red wine. Oh, how I miss thee. 3.5 months until we meet again, old friend.

Body Changes: Belly is still growing rapidly and the baby's movement has really increased. He/she is constantly turning and kicking now, especially when I'm trying to sleep!


Tune in next time for more! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram (@ErynJean) for some more snapshots of my life!




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