I'm So Pregnant: Update #11

10532751_10101170234113977_3545337235773471562_o The moment when I met my first.

Well, this post marks the end of my journey blogging this pregnancy. It feels like I've been pregnant for so long, but time has also seemingly flown by. I still have 4 weeks left until my due date, but I'll (hopefully) be taking a couple of weeks off before the baby comes to rest and prepare.

The last month is tough, I remember that from my first pregnancy. Time passes slowly, you're exhausted, heavy and uncomfortable, you can't fit into anything anymore and you start feeling anxious to meet the little person you've created and carried for 8 months.

I'm trying to soak in the last few weeks where I can truly give my daughter all of me. Every hug, every game we play, every "I love you" feels like it carries so much more weight right now. I hope she won't feel like I've abandoned her or that I don't love her as much. I hope she loves her new sibling and finds a deeper connection with my husband in those times that I'm busy nursing or caring for the new baby.

I'm so excited to experience that first year of life all over again, but I'm also sad for the inevitable change that is to come to our relationship. She made me a mother and showed me just how much I was capable of. She gave me a deeper sense of love that only a mother can know. I'm forever grateful and we will always have a special connection because of that.


Weeks Along: 36. In less than a week I'll be full term.

Current Symptoms: At this point, I feel uncomfortable most of the time. I have heartburn on and off and it gets particularly bad at night when I'm lying down. My restless legs are still bothering me when I try to sleep and my back has started to ache from the weight I'm carrying around.

Emotional Status: I'm tired, so I'm a bit more touchy and crabby, but my mood really changes day-to-day.

Cravings: Nothing in particular right now. My appetite has actually suppressed quite a bit as everything is much more cramped in my belly. I feel full really fast now, so I've been doing more snacking and less big meals (it also helps to control my heartburn a little bit).

Body Changes: It's at this point in pregnancy that you feel like you can't possibly get any bigger, but alas, you do. My belly has definitely gotten significantly bigger and heavier over the last couple of weeks and I've adopted that pregnant waddle as my hips widen and I slow down.


With that, I'll sign off. Next time you hear from me, it will be because I have news! Thanks for following along in my journey and remember to keep up with me on Instagram (@erynjean).

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Eryn Chesney is the Content Manager and Creative Lead at Mabel's Labels and a former editor for Style at Home and Canadian Gardening magazines. She's the mother of two blonde cherubs, Lily and Leo. She enjoys eating great food and dreaming of living where there's no winter.

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