I'm So Pregnant: Update #10


Well, I am officially in the final stretch and I can really feel how much bigger and stronger the baby is becoming. The kicks and turns are starting to really hurt and it feels like there's now a lot more weight bearing down on my bladder.

I went to a home birth information night at my Midwife's office this week (it's something I'm considering, but I'm still undecided). There were a lot of first-time moms there so there was quite a bit of talk about labour pains and the post-partum healing process. Wow, did I ever not want to be reminded of all that. Birth is a lot scarier the second time around when you know EXACTLY what you can expect. Time to break out the hospital undies and adult diapers - yay!

I still haven't gotten anything prepared for this little one's arrival yet. I've got a couple of weeks off of work before my due date, so hopefully I'll be able to use that time to get everything ready.


Weeks Along: 34. In 3 weeks I'll be FULL TERM. I can't believe it.

Current Symptoms: Nighttime heartburn has been an issue this week. I wake up with fire in my chest and throat and have to chew a bunch of antacids so I can go back to sleep. Last week I had very little energy and was even finding it hard to motivate myself to get up and do things around the house. Well, turns out the reason was because my iron levels had dipped super low. I've started taking a daily supplement and it definitely helps.

Emotional Status: Does tired count? I just feel physically tired most days and I think my mood usually reflects that.

Cravings: Nothing in particular these days! I seem to be turned off by coffee again. I'm much more interested in having tea in the mornings and when I do try and have a cup of coffee here or there, I become uninterested after a few sips.

Body Changes: Lots of growth but otherwise, everything looks the same. Honestly, I haven't been able to see anything below my belly for a while now, so who knows how I look waist down!



My next update will likely be my last before the baby is born, as I'll be taking some time off. But follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with me a little more closely (@erynjean)!


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