I'm So Pregnant - Update # 4


This week, the moment every expecting mother anticipates finally came. The moment that you get to really see your baby for the first time. You've been feeling it somersault and kick, you know it's there, but there's nothing like actually getting a glimpse of him or her for the first - and often last - time until you meet in person.

I had forgotten how fully formed a baby is by 20 weeks. Eyes, nose, legs kicking, hands up in their mouth. It's a really special (and fleeting) moment that makes the pregnancy feel that little bit more real.

I went alone to the ultrasound this time around, my husband had a training that he couldn't miss, and I sat in blissful silence as the technician went through his checklist. I politely declined when he asked if I wanted to know the gender. Then the moment came when he turned the screen towards me so that I could have my 2 minute look and I have to admit that I got a little emotional. I've put so little thought into this pregnancy. Seeing the little babe sucking it's thumb and wiggling around was like a moment of bonding between the two of us, which is something we haven't really had yet since all of my attention is directed to my (loud and demanding) toddler.

As I left the ultrasound, I promised myself that I would start to take my prenatal vitamins more religiously. I forgot that night.


Weeks Along: 21.

Current Symptoms: Ultimately I've been feeling pretty good, but I've started to have little bouts of heartburn here and there. I had pretty severe heartburn with my first pregnancy, so I'm buying the Tums now in preparation for the hell that is to come. I also have started having some braxton hicks contractions here and there. I'm getting them a lot earlier this time around, but everything I read says that's normal.

Emotional Status: Cheerful but emotional. Just thinking sad thoughts makes me cry!

Cravings: Halloween, I hate you. The leftover candy in our house has me craving sugar non-stop.

Body Changes: My belly is growing a lot faster now. I think that's been the biggest change over the last few weeks.


That's it for this week. Follow me on Instagram (@ErynJean), or join me back here for my next update!



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