I love fall – and I don’t even drink lattes


I’m a big fan of fall, and it has nothing to do with the pumpkin spice latte. Nothing against people who like flavoured coffee, but if you’re spending these months solely focused on your PSL, you’re missing out on many other reasons to fall for fall. For example:

Harvest time. One of my must-do activities every year is taking my kids to explore a local farm with a corn maze and pumpkin patch. In fact, I enjoy wandering around, browsing and selecting the right pumpkin way more than carving the actual jack-o’-lantern. (Yes, I realize I may be out of my gourd.)

Forest walks. Walking along a nature trail as red and gold leaves gently flutter down and crunch beneath your feet – what’s more “fall” than that?  Getting outside for some fresh air is a surefire way to boost your health and mood. For further proof, check out this hilarious ad from ParticipACTION, warning us about the symptoms of “premature hibernation” at this time of year.

Photography. Piles of pumpkins, rows of corn stalks and forests of brightly coloured leaves all make gorgeous backdrops for pictures of your kids. Bring their Halloween costumes along on your adventures in case there’s a chance for a photo op. You’ll wow your social media followers, with no filters needed.

Honeycrisp apples. If you’re not familiar with this variety of apple, hustle down to your nearest farmer’s market or grocery store. They are crunchy, sweet and tangy – everything you’d ever want in an apple. They are difficult to find (and far more expensive) during the rest of the year, so get them now while you can.

Outdoor team sports. My son is playing fall baseball, and if you’ve got a young athlete in a sport like football or cross-country running, you know the perks. Sure, you might need to wear mittens on the sidelines, but you don’t have to drag around a giant cooler to keep the Gatorade cold.

Playing in leaves. To me, the sight of kids throwing themselves into piles of freshly raked leaves is synonymous with the carefree nature of childhood. If they’ll keep running and jumping, I’ll rake until my arms ache.

Hitting the pavement. I don’t enjoy running outdoors in the summer because I end up overheated, drippy, and red-faced. In contrast, going for a run on a clear, cool day is purely invigorating (with no risk of heat stroke).

Cozy clothes. I’m a hoodie person, so fall is my time. I’m perfectly comfortable with swapping tank tops and flip-flops for a zip-up fleece and fuzzy socks. Part of me admires you hardy folks who stubbornly stick with the summer clothes well beyond a reasonable point in the year. Another part of me wants to hand you a jacket and ask: “What’s the big deal?”

Sports on TV. If you live with a bunch of sports enthusiasts like I do, your TV may be locked on to baseball playoffs on weeknights and football games on Sundays. Take this opportunity to get to know some of the faces of the game, particularly if the same teams are playing each other repeatedly in a series. It won’t take long for you to be drawn in by the player with the most rugged-looking beard, the nicest eyes, or some other attractive feature.

So, whether your attention is going to a hot beverage or a hot athlete, here’s hoping you get out there and enjoy all that fall has to offer. Cheers!

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Author: Kristi York

Kristi York is a freelance writer and mom of two sports-loving boys. Her work has been published by ParentsCanada, Running Room, ParticipACTION and The Costco Connection.

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