Helping your Teen Transition to High School

Teen transition to high school.

The first day of high school can be a flurry of emotions for your kids. New school. New experiences. And new freedom to gain. It’s both exciting and frightening. If you have a teen with first-day jitters at home, here are a few ways you can help them prepare for a smooth start to school.


1) Prepare an “emergency kit” for girls. If you have a daughter, you’ll want to help her be prepared in case that time of the month catches her off guard at school. Put together an “emergency pack” to take to school that includes pads, clean underwear, pain medication and chocolate (of course). I put all these bits inconspicuously hidden in a pencil case, so no one at school would guess the real contents.

2) First time with a locker? Make sure your kid practices and knows how to lock and unlock the locker. With first-day jitters, you don’t want any obstacles that might set them off into hormonal anxiety.

3) Do a dress rehearsal. Go to the school the day before and tell your kid to find each of his or her classrooms. Setting them up for success means not having them wander around the school hallways lost on the first day of school.

4) Know the transportation route. If they’re taking the bus or city transportation, make sure they know their route and what time they need to be on the road. If you’re doing the drop off, prepare yourself to NOT get a good-bye kiss at drop-off.



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