Green Organizing

Green Organizing

April is Earth Month so what better time to talk about ways to get organized while staying green! I often look for ways to re-use items around the house or go treasure hunting at thrift stores for a few interesting finds.

This week I thought I would give you a few ideas to start with. I hope you will share some of your ideas as well!

  1. Turn an old door into a desk.
  2. Use a window as a bulletin board.
  3. A picture frame turned jewelry organizer.
  4. Ice trays storage for tiny craft supplies.
  5. Rain gutters into bookshelves!

Last but not least my favorite re-use in our home is an old card catalog (shown above) we saved from a library that was switching over to a computer system. We refinished it and nurtured it back to health and now it stores a little bit of everything from the kid’s crayons, to batteries and yes, even our stash of Mabel’s Labels! I had a client once who had a card catalog next to her kitchen that stored her utensils and other kitchen items because she only had one drawer in the kitchen. Great thinking! Can you think outside the box and come up with a few more organizing ideas for common household items?


Picture of Mabels Labels

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