Great Holiday Hair Looks

There's so much we can DIY these days and hair is no exception! Whether you just forgot to book an appointment, have a last minute soirée or are just feeling fancy, here's some quick hairdos to get you from a.m to Tinsel Town!

Topsy Tails  were a thing in the 80s and still very much a useful tool today. They are a way to thread ponytails through themselves to upmarket your pony from being basic; but they can do so much more. Find cheap versions at dollar stores, where Conair is stocked or a fancy version: Stitch by Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co via Bangstyle

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 A Lob Turned into a Chic Chignon Pony your hair just above your nape. Split just above your ponytail in half and feed the tail down and through. For shorter hair: tie off the ends, roll up and secure with pins. It really is that simple!     


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Pageant Princess Everyone can rock this look! A ponytail at the crown or top of head works better for an exaggerated effect.

Using your tail threader, feed the ponytail up and through vs down. You can tease the hair before securing the ends for more volume and structure or just roll around your hand & pin the ends of the hair at the base. If pinning is something you can't master, grab some Goody Spin Pins  - they are truly amazing.


Dutch Braid Roll Dutch braid the sides of the hair, and secure to make a ponytail at your nape. Thread tail down and continue threading until all the ends are hidden. The Topsy Tail options are endless!  A basket weave bun, hair that looks complicated but isn’t.        


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The Sock Bun One of the best hair tips from the blogosphere! Make a ponytail where you want your bun to sit.

Cut the toes off a sock and roll toe end to calf forming a ring.

Slide the ring to the ends of your ponytail and roll down while wrapping the hair around the bun form. Keep the hair taut for a secure bun, if done right you don't require any hairpins but no one will judge you if you add pins for security.

*Tip: lock your hairstyles in place by using two bobby pins in an ‘X’ wherever you need them.


For this look, part your hair to the extreme on one side, lined up with your brow arch is the best.    


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Curl hair in one direction with vertical sections away from the face on the parted side and finished with the sections going towards the face on the heavy side. Brush smooth with a comb out brush like the industry mainstay by Mason Pearson


The Christmas Mullet (Or The Half Up/Down) Turkey baster in the front, party mom in the back. Do you find me as funny as I do? (note: rhetorical)


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Make this ‘do a little easier to pin by adding in some curl or wave, but it does work with straight hair too.

I like to look into the mirror and pull the hair back 1” sections at a time, giving them a little twist and pin at the twist for a better grip and longevity to the hairstyle.

It's ok to be knotty over the holidays.

Sure we see braids of all shapes and sizes and yes, they're still on trend, l but you know what else is cool and easy. Knots. Yup. You can divide hair into various sections and tie each section into a knot, tie two sections together, multiple knots vertically done the middle back of your head or horizontally along your name, mix knot sizes - the world is your oyster.

Happy holidays!


**Andrea Claire is a Canadian celebrity hair & makeup artist based in Singapore. She thrives on the latest lippy, a good backcomb and sarcasm. Find her online at

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