Go Further With Food

March is National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is “go further with food”. As a mom and a dietitian I am always looking for ways to make each bite as nutritious as it can be. Perhaps you can relate. If so, here are a few ways that you can take the food you already serving in your home one step further towards optimal nutrition. 

  1. Hemp Hearts. These “sprinkles” as my kids call them take up very little space added to food, yet offer a large amount of nutrition. Hemp hearts contain brain boosting omega 3 fatty acids, and are a source of complete protein, as well as many vitamins and minerals. We love to add both to yogurt, overnight oats, salads, toast, and banana slices. 

  2. Chia seeds. Chia seeds are another source of complete protein and essential fatty acids that can be thrown into your favorite muffin or cookie recipe or overnight oats. 
  3. Spinach/Kale. These leafy greens are nutrient dense with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. If your child isn’t a big fan of salad you can easily blend them into your favorite pasta sauce or smoothie to make it do a little further and increase the nutrition offered in each mouthful! 
  4. Sunflower butter. Children’s tummies are small and they can only handle so much food at once. If your child is a small eater you can increase the caloric density of each spoonful by adding any nut or seed butter. Sunflower butter is a low allergen option that is safe to use in most environments. Try stirring it into your child’s oatmeal or send it as a dip for apples at school. In addition to offering a density of callers from protein and fats at also offer a good source of vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals. 
  5. Probiotics. There is more and more research all the time to show us the significance of gut health as part of a strong immune system. Choosing a yogurt that contain probiotics and/or offering your child a probiotic supplement can help support the good bacteria in their guts. This would be a good topic to discuss with your local physical or dietitian to determine the best option for your child. 
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Author: Noelle Martin

Noelle is a mom of 5 year old twin boys and a 3 year old son. She is also a Registered Dietitian with a passion for fitness and nutrition. Almost three years ago she started her own blog and Instagram feed to give moms ideas of ways to make healthy choices for themselves and their little ones and she is so excited to now join the Mabel’s Labels blogger team.

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