Get These 9 Home Improvement Projects Done During School Hours

The new school year has begun for most folks. Whether you are glad or sad about seeing your kids head back to school, this just might be the best time of year for getting some important home projects started.


Paint a room. The perfect time to start a new paint project is when the kids won't be beneath your feet or putting their little paws on your fresh paint job. Maybe you're ready for an updated wall color in your kitchen? Because cabinetry usually takes up most of the space, you could probably knock the whole thing out in a day.


Paint a dresser. Maybe painting a whole room isn't feasible because you work during the day. Why not tackle a smaller paint job, like your dated oak bathroom cabinetry or a tired piece of furniture? Hopefully you are putting the kids to bed earlier since school started (you are, aren't you?), so you can take on painting a small piece in the evenings. Believe it or not, this could be a relaxing way to wind down your day.



Organize. Get your kids' rooms in order so they can learn to keep themselves organized at the start of the new school year. Teach them the motto "A place for everything and everything in its place."


Label. Labeling boxes and baskets is the best way to organize and keep up with small items. Chalkboard paint labels are especially versatile, as you can change them as needed.


Clean out the kids' closets. This is a great time to get your kid's closets organized — that is, while they are gone! You can weed out all the worn-out and outgrown items without your child arguing that they can still wear it. Or am I the only one who has those kind of arguments, I mean discussions, with her children?


Create a family calendar and message center. This is where everyone in the family can keep track of upcoming events and deposit notes and homework to be signed.


Work on the garage. Although this may not sound like much fun, it's time to think about cleaning out the garage before winter. Organize and pack up the summer toys and gear now before the weather starts getting colder and you want to avoid this task at all costs.


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