Gentle Reminders

During my recent trip to Mabel HQ I couldn't help but laugh at the sign posted in the bathroom, it said "Just a friendly reminder...If the toilet paper roll is all done, please replace it with a new one. Thanks!"

Sometimes we just need that extra reminder. I know I do. Sometimes I am the one that forgets to change the toilet paper roll. My mind thinks it and I have the best of intentions but my mind also quickly moves on to something else and I forget.

I think it's good to set reminders for ourselves whether it be a sign or a timer or even the old string around the finger! What about the kids? What do you always have to remind them to do, make their bed, wash hands or feed the dog perhaps? How about trying a sign. If you know they will go straight to the pantry for a snack after school then leave a sign for them to feed the dog. If they forget to wash their hands think of a creative sign for that, sometimes they need that reminder to almost knock them in the head, but the point will eventually get across!

Is there something you tend to forget to do around the house? Or maybe it's hubby and the kids that do the forgetting. What is your biggest pet-peeve that never gets done at home?

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