Fundraiser Spotlight: Labels for Luca

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In 2017, Lisa Kiamos earned $500 with her Labels for Luca campaign.

Luca is a little boy from Stouffville, Ontario who suffered a near drowning in 2014 at just 21 months old. He was pulled out of the water with no vital signs. After 27 minutes, he was revived and has since been on a journey to recovery.

When Lisa learned about Luca’s story, she wanted to help in any way she could. After purchasing some Mabel’s Labels for her own children, she noticed our Fundraising Program and signed up so that 20% could be given to Luca.

Lisa’s success with the fundraiser is mainly because she believes that Mabel’s Labels is a useful product that parents with children can benefit from. Some would say she’s like a Brand Ambassador because she tells parents in her community about the labels all the time. Lisa typically posts information about the fundraiser on parent groups, community pages and mentions it in person whenever she can.

Some of her favorite ways to promote is by ‘speaking their language.’ She tells us that if she’s talking to parents, she will tell them how Mabel’s Labels can keep items out of the Lost & Found. And if she’s talking to hockey teams and coaches, she tells the tale of stinky equipment. No one wants to take someone else’s sweaty, dirty gear home with them, so labeling yours is a sure way to help. She always mentions the fundraiser and how with a quick click of a button, their order can help a family whose son needs constant and expensive treatment/therapy.

We think Lisa is pretty amazing for starting a fundraiser for Luca. To learn more about this amazing boy who doesn’t give up, go to

And if you’d like your next order of Mabel’s Labels to support Luca, please choose “Labels for Luca – Lisa Kiamos” from the list at

If you’ve got an organization or cause you care about, sign up for our Fundraising Program today!
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Diane Morris is a lover of country music, peanut butter, romance and Disney. She’s a Mom of 1, and thinks parenthood is one of the coolest clubs to be a member of. During the day she can be found at Mabel’s Labels as the Sales & Fundraising Coordinator, and in the evening she’s typically playing with cars, Play-doh, dinosaurs or Lego with her son. Diane recently moved to a small town and owns a home with an acre of land where she, her hubby and their kiddo can run around and play.

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