Fresh Start: 35 Ways to Organize Your Stuff

Admittedly, most of my resolutions tend to fall to the wayside. But this year, I'm bound and determined to make one a reality: It's time to get organized. Houzz users provide plenty of creative ideas for getting a space arranged and in ship shape with ease. Here, a massive selection of tips and tricks for organizing around the home:

1. A row of clipboards keep important papers in order. Give them a perky facelift with decorative contact paper. Recycled glass jars can hold desktop necessities.

2. Keep laundry easily separated and ready to wash with a hamper each for whites and light and dark coloured clothes.

3. A drawer full of office supplies gets jumbled in a hurry. Sort those items into pretty little catchalls, and they'll stay organized and easy to find.

4. A row of simple, uniform shopping bags can hold all manner of objects.

garden room

5. Think outside the filing cabinet: Here, a dish rack gets reimagined as a file and pencil holder by blogger Cozy Little House.

Shoe hanger as medicine cabinet

6. True to name, blogger Atypical Type A uses this shoe hanger for a totally different purpose, keeping first aid supplies organized and accessible.

7. A pile of funky shoes in the entryway is no way to greet a guest. Keep 'em stored and easy to grab with individual cubbies.


8. Ikea's Asker series makes quick work of an organizing project.

Tip: Not to get too Martha on you, but sticking to complementary colors with similar objects when possible gives an organized look.

9. Clear containers provide an orderly base for food in plain view. Arranging an area with one clear purpose so everything you need for the task at hand is in one place.

10. Organizing tip: Keep the stuff you'd like to see in plain view, and throw the stuff that's not so easy on the eyes in matching bins.

11. They make a huge difference in kids' rooms, where organizing should be as easy as possible to encourage young ones.

12. Putting those bins up and out of sight ensures the contents are only visible when they need be.

13. Rethink your usable space. A microwave can go in a cabinet, freeing up your counters. Lesser used items like cookbooks and larger serving pieces can go on top shelves, with food (in easy-to-see containers) on more accessible shelves.

Sweet as a Candy

14. So maybe you don't have time to scrapbook or digitize all your photos. Just make sure they're seen, and not stuffed in a closet somewhere. This easy solution from Sweet as a Candy keeps them in view and in order.

15. If a bookshelf or storage unit isn't in the budget, go DIY with an arrangement of painted reclaimed drawers. Each one can hold a different little collection of organized items.

16. Arranging books by color might not be the most practical method of organization, but it sure is pretty.

17. If you hoard magazines like me, you know the importance of magazine files. Cover them with fabric for equal parts form and function.

18. Keep activities organized with a helpful dry erase board.

Tip: Make your own by printing out a calendar from your computer. Insert into a ready-made picture frame and write and erase on the glass.

Vintage collection

19. Kay Loves Vintage groups similar objects to instantly create a harmonious, well-organized space.

20. Make your drawers work harder with built-ins that keep everything in place.

21. When everyone has their own designated spot for coats and bags, getting out the door in the morning is a breeze.

22. Uniform skirt hangers can hold fabric samples, decorative paper, or other flat items. Tucked in a bureau, they're out of sight — and their color won't fade from sun exposure.

23. Create a designated space in your home for your hobby supplies. It doesn't have to be a whole room, either — a closet can keep crafting equipment, a basket by the door can hold your yoga gear.

24. A little gold and a touch of humor turn mundane home office supplies into a fun and fully functioning display.

Tip: Pegboard is an organizing workhorse. Try a coat of paint to customize it to your space.


25. If stark white storage gives you the heebies, opt for this charming alternative from Home and Harmony. Hanging baskets mesh with a rustic style.

26. Ikea's Expedit bookcase is the best friend of any organizing project. Those cubbies keep everything easily arranged.

27. And they need not just be used for holding books. Keep a small personal collection together in one of each of the squares.

28. A giant bulletin board keeps desks clutter-free, and holds inspiration, to-do lists, a calendar — even impromptu artwork.

29. Hat boxes offer a quirky take on typical storage containers.

Suitcases as storage

30. This collection of vintage suitcases stores purses, scarves, and, appropriately, travel accessories.

31. Figure out what you'd like to showcase and what you'd like to hide. If you've got a stellar tie collection and wear them often, give them pride of place in the closet.

32. Running out of space? Look to your walls. They offer abundant room for hanging next to anything.

33. Open shelving forces you to stay on top of clutter in the kitchen. Store items that work outside of their packages in baskets.

Nina van de Goor

34. A well-appointed closet can be done without costly built-ins. Here, affordable metal shelving works wonders for this shoe collection.

35. But if you've got the budget, it's hard to beat a closet customized just for your needs.


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