Finding Joy Among The Craziness

When school starts up that usually means a new season of soccer in our house. In your house it might be football, dance or some other activity. They certainly don’t give us Mom’s much time to get the school schedule figured out before the activities come piling on top. Of course, the more kids you have the crazier the schedule!

Among the chaos we tend to seek perfection, we envy a picture perfect schedule. The truth is we go through seasons of life and sometimes a few seasons are going to be crazier than others.

Yes we would like to get the kids, fed at a normal hour while sitting down with the whole family, homework done in a quiet serene space and bedtime gone over like a breeze. However, most days we feel frenzied as if walking on a tight rope. Take a deep breath with me now!

Remember, your bet is good enough! Now is the time to pull together as a family. Perhaps dinner has to be done in shifts and things aren’t quite as put together as they normally are. Enjoy these more chaotic years because the older the kids get the years seem to go by that much quicker!

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