How to Encourage a Lifelong Love of Reading Early On

It’s back-to-school time, and one great way to support your budding or independent reader is by creating a special place for curling up with a good book. Here you’ll find 10 ideas for setting up a cozy reading spot, organizing and displaying your child’s book collection, and more.


Add a reading loft for independent readers. What better place for escaping in a good book than a private lair up above it all? While younger kids should be supervised using ladders and lofts, older independent readers will appreciate the autonomy that comes with having their very own reading loft.

For younger kids, try a snug tepee. For a ground-level option, a tepee draped in twinkle lights makes a cozy spot in which to curl up with a good book. Cover the floor with a sheepskin and toss in a few pillows for extra comfort.


Make room to sprawl out on the floor. Help toddlers and preschoolers explore books by making the reading area as spacious and inviting as possible. Layered rugs make the floor more comfortable for sitting, and poufs provide flexible seating for kids or grown-ups.

Keep picture books handy. Preschoolers’ interests can change quickly — be ready by having clusters of picture books stored together in baskets or on shelves by subject. Then when the sudden obsession with sharks (or dinosaurs, princesses or pirates) kicks in, you can just grab the appropriate bin and be ready to go.


Turn a daybed into a reading nook. Built-in bookcases make this daybed an appealing spot for plopping down with a book. If you’re not looking to add built-ins, try flanking a freestanding daybed with a pair of bookcases for a similar look.


For an even easier option, skip the frame and put a few big, cushy mattresses on the floor. Cover extra-large floor cushions or a twin-size mattress with tailored covers and add an armload of plump pillows.


Creating a reading nook does not need to be costly or elaborate to be well-loved and used. Take this cozy corner tucked beneath an eave for example — a fluffy blanket and a few plump cushions were all that was needed to transform a blank corner into a snug reading spot.

Entice with propped-up books. Take a cue from librarians and choose a few books to prop up on top of shelves to catch your child’s eye. This simple trick can make books more appealing — and more likely to be read.

Appeal to little ones by displaying colorful covers. Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover? For kids who cannot yet read, the picture on the cover is their main clue about what the book is about. Make things easier by displaying books on picture shelves, where your little one can quickly scan the covers of favorite books.


Keep books within reach of small hands. The smaller the child, the lower the shelves. For toddlers a book basket on the floor or a few picture shelves hung low on the wall are good options.


Fill a blank corner with books. Why let space go to waste, when you can set up a mini library? When using picture-shelf-style shelving that extends above the level of a child’s head, be sure to include guardrails (as shown here) to ensure that the books don’t topple down from above.


Encourage reading in bed. Get independent readers set for bedtime reading by including a bookshelf and a reading light near the bed. If siblings share a room, make sure each child also has a clip-on book light so reading can still happen after one has turned out the light.

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