Eight Days Away. Eight Lessons Learned.

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I travel regularly for work, but it’s usually just a quick fly in and fly out. Mama has to get back to the family so I’m always in a rush. I never actually “experience” the places I go.

Last month I attended back-to-back conferences which meant I was away from my large crew for longer than usual. I was a little reluctant to attend the second one because of it, but am I ever glad I bit the bullet and spent a few days away feeling inspired and invigorated at the Surge Summit in Baja, Mexico.

Women, and particularly moms, are not actually great at taking the time to reflect and consider their careers, industries and other facets of their lives. Surge provided me with that much needed opportunity, and one I only realized after, that I was desperate for.

A small handful of us influencers turned up at Hotel Pescadores not entirely sure why we were there, what to expect or how we had scored an invitation. The lessons I learned over the next few days were many:


1. Your Kids are Fine.

Before you go away, sure – plan and organize everyone. But then JUST GO and trust the people in charge to do their job. If you can get out of that head space, then you can actually focus on where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with. Believe me, it’s worth it.


2. Chill Out.

 I get pretty caught up in the practicalities of working, raising kids and being pretty darn productive. When you finally get out of the everyday hustle and bustle, take a moment to soak it in.

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3. Get Out of your Comfort Zone. Literally.

Taking risks is so invigorating – whether we were snorkeling, horseback riding on the beach or chasing each other on ATVs, the activities at the summit made me realize that a good adrenaline rush is good for a mama’s soul.



4. Open Your Mind.

We were taken to a Pickleball resort (Yes, there is such a thing). I was not sold on this and maybe even rolled my eyes as we pulled up. But, I have to say, I LOVED it. I also got forced into doing yoga and that wasn’t so bad either. Sometimes going to a new place and being pushed to do new things is just what a mama needs.


5. Let Other People Do the Matchmaking.

Sure, it’s good to get away with pals, but somehow the Surge organizers (3CConsulting and Venone PR) were able to put together a small, dynamic and diverse group. We were the perfect fit for each other and we each brought different skills, value and personality to the event.


6. Have Conversations. Even the Hard Ones.

We spent so much time talking about love, loss, careers, kids, marriages, the industry…..I’m pretty sure we attempted to solve all the problems in the world and we may have even come close a few times.


7. If You are the Smartest Person in the Room, Find a New Room.

Surround yourself with people who challenge you, question you and make you think. Sometimes being around the same crowd can stagnate you. Don’t be afraid to expand your social circle.


8. Don’t Forget What You Learned.

When you leave and get back into the daily grind, hold those moments and feelings close. Let them help you stay energized and make good choices.


So, sometimes when you think you should pass up on an opportunity that presents itself, think twice. I’m so glad I did. The impact of that time away with those special people in that beautiful place – well, the benefits continue.

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 Photos: @boudoirbychee

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