Easter Craft: Bunnies and Carrots

One thing I love about crafting is that you can create some great memories and keepsakes. My boys love crafting and creating and when they saw that they could use some fun materials AND paint their feet, they jumped right in!

This craft is a perfect keepsake for you to keep to decorate your home with or to give away to a loved one – grandparent, daycare provider, etc.

The thing I love most about this craft is not only does it teach your child some great fine motor skills by using different materials and gluing, but it also teaches them the letter B, the different body parts and also gets their feet involved in a craft! My boys LOVED painting their feet and we actually ended up doing more carrots than just the two so that we could decorate for Easter with a carrot banner.

Here’s what you will need to make this fun craft:

B is for Bunny 1

- 1 white and 1 coloured paper (for your background)
- Glue
- Sharpie Marker
- Cotton Balls
- Pipe cleaners – white, pink, black and green
- Googly Eyes
- Orange Paint

Write the letter B onto your coloured paper and put some glue all around it.

B is for Bunny 2

Have your child place cotton balls all around the letter B onto the glued surface

B is for Bunny 3

Don’t forget a tail!

B is for Bunny 4

Cut one of the pink pipe cleaners in half and twist it around both black pipe cleaners to make the whiskers and the nose. Cut the other pink pipe cleaner to make two halves and twist it into the white pipe cleaners and shape them for the ears. Glue them onto the bunny’s face and head.

B is for Bunny 5


B is for Bunny 6

Next is the fun part – paint your child’s foot and have them step onto the white paper.

B is for Bunny 7

Let dry. Cut out around the footprint. Cut the green pipe cleaner for the stem of the carrots. I have two boys and so I did one foot of each of them. You could include both feet if you have a little one!

Glue the carrots onto the coloured paper and write Happy Easter on it.

B is for Bunny 8

You could add the year and/or you could add the child’s name and their age for a great family keepsake. The crazy part is when we finished this craft I realized how big my boys were getting and was so happy we created this to remember their tiny (or not so tiny!) feet. Soon they won’t even fit on the page!

B is for Bunny 9

Happy crafting!


My name is Cassie Krygsman and I am the owner of Curiosity Box. I have two little boys, who are busy and keep me on my toes every day! They love to craft, explore, create and discover just as much as I do! I started Curiosity Box just under 2 years ago to help families and children spend quality time together while crafting and using their creativity. Who doesn't love getting fun mail?! We deliver crafts and activities to curious minds!


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