Confessions of a Parent: My child slipped and fell into her own pee. (And I laughed.)

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After her breakfast, my 15 month old needed to be changed. So, I took her diaper and jammies off and let her roam around naked (for only about 2 minutes) while I picked out her clothes for the day.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her leaving her bedroom and standing on the hardwood floor out in our hallway. I should have realized something was up when she stood in a strange little semi-baby squat for a minute while looking down at the floor.

I turned my full attention to her and noticed she had peed. A nice, big puddle right onto the floor. And before I could grab her, she started to walk away.

And then it happened.

She slipped and fell on her bum right into the puddle, creating a large splash that seemed to spread far and wide.

I could tell she was fine – just startled. So I couldn’t help it. I just started laughing. First it was at the confused little look on her face. Then my laughter turned somewhat maniacal at the fact that I had yet to make it through a day in the past 15 months without getting some sort of human excrement on me.


So, my day started out by cleaning up urine. How did your day start out??


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